Fee Based Advance Care Planning Help

There are other professionals in our community who offer different or more in-depth advance care planning support. There is a fee for their services, but some will work on a sliding fee scale. We do not endorse their services but offer them as an additional resource. Some medical offices, attorneys and faith communities also offer support with advance care planning.

Advocate Care Services – Kay Jones and her team will serve as a legal guardianship, medical power of attorney, and case management. Advocate Care Services specializes in cases dealing with individuals who lack family, geriatrics, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, and medical disability.
www.advocatecareservices.com or 720.890.5959.

Caring Stewardship – Claire Morrow serves as medical power of attorney agent assisting clients in determining the best path to peace of mind for all concerned. Whether collaborating with you and/or families, we ensure that we understand your wishes and health care concerns so we are prepared if and when we need to step in and be your voice. www.caringstewardship.com or 303.818.6498

Out of the Box End-of-Life Planning – Sue Mackey helps you to navigate your end-of-life options thoughtfully and deliberately in order to create a personalized “Exit File”™ that will relieve your loved ones from the burden of having to guess your wishes. Supports educated funeral planning, including home funerals, greener options and body donation, and in pulling together all the necessary details to ease the way for your family. www.OutoftheBoxEndofLifePlanning.com or 720.884.6878

Practically Dying, LLC is a comprehensive community resource for advance care planning in advanced illness and end-of-life. Kim Mooney, both individually and in workshops, is helping people create advance directive sets, develop personal advocacy teams for medical emergencies, and craft strategies to make sure it all works. We support people who are looking ahead, who are experiencing health issues, and those dealing with grief of any kind. www.practically-dying.com or 720.434.5942.